Sunday, March 6, 2011

From the tiny acorn...

Well, my chess game is hardly growing by leaps and bounds, but I still want this tiny "acorn" of gasping skill to someday grow into something that resembles a mighty oak of playing prowess. Or at least a small bonsai of modest ability.

Here is my rating from the four training tools posted below. It represents about 250 rated computer games over 9 months. Growth is 290 points, or averaging about 32 points per month. Which means I'm on track to become a Grandmaster by age 137.

Playstation 2's Chessmaster is by far kicking my chessboard butt the most. It was the best $10 used-game investment I've made and, sadly, is probably the most accurate in measuring my skill. Even if it's not, I prefer using it as my acid test of accomplishment, since it seems to be the most rigorous and unforgiving of the four.

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