Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maiden Voyage Posting

Er, I've never had my own Blog before. This is my first posting of my first blog. Not real exciting stuff. This Blog will focus primarily on All Things Generic, starting with my generic chess training. How dorky, eh? Hey, bugger off! You don't have to agree with me. YOU came HERE, remember???

For film aficionados, the "Tile" background photo on this page is the iconic scene of Death playing chess against the knight, Antonius, in the 1957 classic Swedish film The Seventh Seal, a world cinema classic directed by Ingmar Bergman.

The clip here is sans subtitles, but note the scene where Antonius says, in perfect Swedish, "Why is your forehead so big? Do you have a congenital condition?"  Actually, I made that up. For real facts, see Wiki-Wonderful:

Note: The The Seventh Seal is on NetFlix' free streaming videos. The film version has English subtitles for our non-Swedish speaking friends. (Börk, börk, börk!)  This movie was made for about $150,000, or roughly the cost of Lindsay Lohan's "Pepto-Bismol budget" after a night on the town.